Known Problems

All platforms

  • Sophie currently has no internal proxy settings, which may cause problems in settings with firewalls. If you want to use a Sophie book that uses comments or remote objects in such an environment, you might need to configure your firewall to allow access to ( on port 80.
  • Importing media from a URL with a redirect may not work properly. Work around: download media to the desktop and import directly into Sophie.
  • Sophie Server functionality has been removed from Sophie 1.0 because of problems with bad connections to the Internet.
  • If a book using remote objects is opened in Sophie Reader with no Internet connection, there will be a delay of 30 seconds while Sophie attempts to find the resource.
  • If a book template contains comment frames, every book created from that template will contain the same comments.
  • Controllers may disappear from resizedvideos on saving or publishing. For the moment, don't resize videos in Sophie if you want to use them with a controller.


  • The default font Monaco behaves strangely; you should avoid using it.
  • If a book is open in Sophie, Apple's built-in archiving program may not zip it properly: the resulting .zip file may decompress to create a book missing some files. Close books in Sophie before zipping them.


  • If there are any Unicode characters in any portion of the path to a book, Sophie will not be able to open movies nor images.
  • Ogg Vorbis audio files are working inconsistently; some seem to lock up Sophie.


  • Quicktime media does not play back on Linux.
  • MP3s that are not recorded at a sample rate of 22.05 or 44.1 kHz may not play.