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Related Projects

In the sidebar on the right, you'll see a module called "Related Projects." We're using this module not simply to call your attention to other electronic scholarly publishing ventures already extant, but rather to serve as a cluster of projects that we might look at in some detail, together, in order to think through what the goals of those projects have been, how those projects have worked, and what we might learn from them as we move forward.

Before attempting to guide any kind of exploration and discussion of those projects, however, I want to make sure that our list is as complete as we'd like it to be. Are there projects that aren't included in our list, but ought to be? Projects that you think bear discussion as our conversations move forward? Please nominate them here, and we'll add them to the list. And in the coming days, we'll begin taking on a collective reading and examination of some of this work.


Digital Humanities Quarterly:


Sorry again to miss the meeting--


I'm not sure about projects, but if y'all need grunts, I'm 1) in the LA area, 2) affiliated with the Valve, 3) handy with a coffee-maker and 4) eager to learn. Not sure how to land an invite or offer a helping hand, though...

Mariner10 DVD-Rom series at Penn Press.http://www.pennpress.org/mariner10/index.htm

Add this to related projects...


Law scholars/faculty creating a space similar to what you describe.

The Electronic Literature Collection


i'd like to suggest the resource center for cyberculture studies


And I'd propose the Public Knowledge Project as a Related Project
Home of Open Journal Systems