The Holy of Holies: 
On the Constituents of Emptiness 

Mitchell Stephens     Professor of Journalism     New York University

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ZLR Stavis says:

Is the title a Kafka quote? I wrote a really bad poem quoting the phrase from the Blue Octavo Notebooks….lol, I dug it out. I remember I showed it to my professor, Jason Mogaghegh, and I believe it needed a bit of work.
I’ll put it down to the excitement of the kairotic moment in which it was written. Strange, I remember that last line as “My mind is riddled with holes…”

The Core of Truth:
The darkness. The blackness.
The eternal flame but do not
Warm yourself by it, nay, it
Will only draw your eye close
To the consuming seed, glinting
Blackly in the blackness as
If already consumed by fire
And only needing to be
Brushed off—no! The blade in
The back, through the heart
Sacking the vision burning
On this altar, fading to
“The HOLiest of HOLies”

Haha, riddles with holes, even the
doves have white shadows

Hindu/Buddhist: Maya

Noah SD says:

You forgot to close quotes at the end of the “Who can possibly…” paragraph. Are you trying to pass off your own words as God’s?

To be honest, I think you’re a more colorful writer than God was, but he comes through with much more confidence, so I don’t think you’ll have much success in pretending to be him.