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Gamer Theory 3.0 (Visualizations)


Together with the Institute for the Future of the Book, I thought it would be interesting to make Version 2.0 of my book Gamer Theory available for people who would like to visualize it. So now we have a Version 2.0 here on the web that people can comment on, and a Version 2.1 in print form from Harvard University Press for people who like a well designed and elegantly produced artifact, and we also have what I think of as Version 3 of Gamer Theory — the visualizations. These pose the question of what digital technology can bring to the presentation of text. Are there new ways of perceiving text, or re-imagining text, that can only happen in the networks? Could visualization change not only how we ‘read’ but how we write? That’s what we want to find out. Here are some examples of different ways to visualize Gamer Theory. The text is released under the Creative Commons “share and share alike” license, so feel free to find your own (non-commercial) uses for it or come up with your own versions.

—McKenzie Wark


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