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March 23, 2005

Their Stories

The truly wonderful thing about the web is the opportunities it creates for networks and connections. Stories culled from personal blogs--those glorious online self-portraits that offer interesting "peeks" into the blogger's thought-life, home-life, and work-life--will be a textual counterpart to our Flickr image bank. What makes this "chapter" particularly interesting, is that we plan to leave the stories in their original context (for now at least). You can access them through links to the personal weblogs themselves.

If you have a story, please post the url in our comment section.

Three wonderful essays from Lorianne DiSabato's blog "Hoarded Ordinaries"

Mr. Hell's Kitchen

"and i quote" (favorite quotes collected by Mr. Hell's Kitchen)

Korijane about a wedding she witnessed beneath the Gates

The Gothamist


Satan's Laundromat


And the detractors:
Chris Dykstra

B After the Fact

I'll be starting another thread tomorrow archiving News Articles about the Gates. Here's a sneak peek:
WNYC transcript of a story about a procession of Buddhist Monks through the Gates

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